The Lighthouse — A Willem Dafoe VS Robert Pattinson

The Lighthouse is an amazingly-well-achieved portrait of loneliness and self-hate. The Lighthouse is a constant Dafoe vs. Pattinson.

“This movie is confusing”. “What the hell is this about?”. “This is a very underrated film”. “I didn’t understand it”. “What’s wrong with seagulls? Where they ever that pussy?”. “I’ve already seen it ten times and it only gets better”.

Those were some of the “reviews” I got from The Lighthouse, so when preparing to experience it for the first time I had no expectations at all.

I wanted to see for myself. I did. And what can I say? WHAT A MOVIE. Want me to be more specific? WHAT A PAIR OF ACTORS.

Were some of these reviews right? Is it a weird movie? No. Well, yes. A bit. I still have some scenes to take in. But The Lighthouse knows where to move with its characters, plot and direction. All these three components shape a special structure upon what could be confused as another horror movie. It is not.

The fact that Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson get to share screen time only elevates the quality of the film, whether we talk about narrative, performances and revealing of premise. This couple of actors drive the story from peak to peak. A story full of details that may look fuzzy at first, but that connect with each other as the movie moves forward to reveal characters.

And then; it begins to shatter the viewer’s understandment.

Both Dafoe and Pattinson’s performances linked with that mythological atmosphere and versatile direction – full of static and perfectly planned shots – accomplish that claustrophobic mood that endures throughout the film.

A shame The Lighthouse didn’t get more attention. It’s true is not a movie you go watch and chill after it. You’ve got be ready and know what you’re getting yourself into.

For sure, I am now fully invested in Robert Eggers’ filmography.

Because no, I haven’t watched any of his prior movies. But now? Bring them all to me. I need more of this!

-Anabel Estrella

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