Everyone needs to calm down. This movie was not (that) bad

It was Halloween night. My sister and I were scrolling through Netflix. She suddenly came up with the perfect horror movie that would build-up to a set of — I quote — “truly terrifying moments.” I panicked.

“Wanna watch this one here, instead?” I started pressing randomly at the remote…

This is how cinema captures your attention.

Ricciotto Canudo lived in Paris. He was an early Italian film theoretician who worked side by side with avant-garde writers and artists.

In 1913 he published Montjoie!, a bimonthly magazine promoting Cubism in particular. Sometime before, in his manifesto The Birth of the Sixth Art, published in 1911, Canudo argued…

Is a question that’s been revolving some time ago.

Franchises are the norm. These past few years the vast majority of movies have been reboots, remakes, spin-offs, or crossovers. Because of this, we keep asking ourselves if it’s true that cinema is running out of ideas when it comes to producing new projects.

That’s a viewpoint will be discussing…

How to enjoy your creative process and be more productive in your days.

Creative work is hard. You can be starting out, worn out, starting again, or already successful, but the question remains the same: How to keep going?

Today’s world adds even more pressure, because creativity has become the one principle to develop almost any type of skill, communicate effectively, and attract…

Anabel Estrella

I’m here: anabelestrella.com. I'm a 19-year-old whose passion is writing. Entertainment, creativity, self. Whatever I find interest in to learn and help others.

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