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The Queen’s Gambit & Judas and the Black Messiah | Image by Author

Is not every start of a brand-new year that we get to exhale heavily, hopefully flourishing away all disasters of the year left behind. That, certainly, was my welcome to 2021. Despite the fact that I cannot label my 2020 as a horrendous, disrupting or sickening period of my life, I avow the craziness of it all.

By the end of March, cities began to shut down, whole countries began to shut down, even productions began to shut down! For the first time in history, the world stopped. And the giant machine responsible for most of the magic filling our…

Everyone needs to calm down. This movie was not (that) bad

If you dive in knowing what to expect you won’t be disappointed. Image: by Author

It was Halloween night. My sister and I were scrolling through Netflix. She suddenly came up with the perfect horror movie that would build-up to a set of — I quote — “truly terrifying moments.” I panicked.

“Wanna watch this one here, instead?” I started pressing randomly at the remote, waiting for something to happen. Hubie Halloween popped on the screen; the movie I watched just the other night — she doesn’t need to know that, though. “I heard it is a scary movie but it is also funny and cool and yes let’s watch it ’cause I haven’t and…

If not, you’re no human.


It only took two and a half minutes for me to start sobbing. Just like it happened to me, people were incredulous at how can a 12-minute short film could bring them to tears.

Netflix’s animated short, If Anything Happens I Love You, builds a touching and heartbreaking story through plain, yet deep elements. I’ll proceed without overexposing much, not wanting to take from you the experience of watching this short film.

The first image is of a couple eating dinner. A wide distance separates them. They won’t say a word as they sit across from each other at the…

This is how cinema captures your attention.

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Ricciotto Canudo lived in Paris. He was an early Italian film theoretician who worked side by side with avant-garde writers and artists.

In 1913 he published Montjoie!, a bimonthly magazine promoting Cubism in particular. Sometime before, in his manifesto The Birth of the Sixth Art, published in 1911, Canudo argued that cinema was a new art: “A superb conciliation of the Rhythms of Space and the Rhythms of Time.”

A synthesis of the five other arts:

  • Architecture
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Music
  • Poetry

He saw Cinema as a ‘plastic art in motion’ and gave it the name of “the Sixth Art”. Canudo…

7 simple ways to improve your writing.

Source: Pexels

One of the many questions new writers worry about is what it takes to be a great writer.

Not a long time ago, I decided writing would be the core of my career. Discovering writing as one of my passions was a slow process.

Like any other passion, it started out of curiosity. “What if I write down a short story for my little sister?”, “What if I start a diary to write down my adventures in school?”

Once figured out the fun part of writing, questions on the matter of “How to improve my writing?” or “How to build…

Is a question that’s been revolving some time ago.

Source: Vox

Franchises are the norm. These past few years the vast majority of movies have been reboots, remakes, spin-offs, or crossovers. Because of this, we keep asking ourselves if it’s true that cinema is running out of ideas when it comes to producing new projects.

That’s a viewpoint will be discussing some time later. There are uncountable opinions regarding this question, and what I aim to do with this article is gather and present information to try and come to terms with the titled inquire.

How Stories Actually Work

When we watch a movie and think about it as a “new story”, if we give…

You’re a loser, unless you change how you see this.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

It never feels good. Rejection never feels good.

Mostly when we’re first-timers because we get the feeling that our work, our effort is useless. We aren’t good enough.

“I guess this is not my thing. I thought I loved writing. I thought this idea was exclusive. Well, there goes my dream.”

Let me ask you something. How many tries have you given it? How much practice did you put there? What are you willing to lose to get that work done?

I understand that if you care is because that specific thing you’re doing is your passion, your dream. But…

You go nowhere if you just have the idea.

Hac706 on Wikimedia Commons

Every day, new projects; business, blogs, events, are getting started all over the globe.

Having an idea to communicate with your team and take decisions from there will make your product a success. Except, it takes more than just this.

When Walt Disney was a kid he wanted to create stories. When Walt Disney grew up he wanted to create stories that would keep people inspired. Through the power of unparalleled storytelling Walt build up one of the most iconic brands in history.

By bringing in talented and committed artists and make them understand his creative vision toward the development…

How to enjoy your creative process and be more productive in your days.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Creative work is hard. You can be starting out, worn out, starting again, or already successful, but the question remains the same: How to keep going?

Today’s world adds even more pressure, because creativity has become the one principle to develop almost any type of skill, communicate effectively, and attract people to your work. Having some guidelines to achieve a productive and creative life could be a starting point to plan out your days and work no matter what.

Reading books is a simple and efficient tool to grab this new information. The book by Austin Kleon “Keep Going: 10…

Dan Lanigan, an obsessed movie collector, goes after valuable Disney props which were lost to history over time.

Props are stories. They connect the emotions we all need in order to feel the worlds of Disney. And Disney’s+ original series Prop Culture goes behind this art, so significant to movie industry.

Why do we love Disney?

Is it because of its characters, stories, music, magic? Certainly, I’ll take all those as an accurate answer to my question. Everyone loves Disney for its characters, stories, music and magic.

Disney, as a matter of company in the entertainment industry, was born a long time ago. Therefore, its power over our lives has remained throughout the years. Stories have remained.

All that was brought back to…

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I’m here: I'm a 19-year-old whose passion is writing. Entertainment, creativity, self. Whatever I find interest in to learn and help others.

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